European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Business Communication and Management of Intercultural Differences

April 17, 2013
Stuttgart, Germany

Lecturer: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic

In the times of ever increasing globalization, cultural differences and multilingual issues play an important role in the area of business communication which can easily fail on apparently banal issues. This could be of particular importance also in collaborative international projects. A cognitive approach toward cultural and national differences will be used throughout the training.

The purpose of this course is to ensure that engineers, managers and IT experts can understand the importance of these aspects for the success of their collaboration with partners from other cultural background. It will address issues such as

  • Intercultural value systems
  • Differences in cultural practices
  • Cross-cultural project management
  • Individualism vs. Teamwork
  • Successful management of cultural differences as a factor of success in international projects
  • What one should know, do or not do in an EU project
  • Case studies: US, Japan, India, China ...

This course will focus on interaction with attendees and require their active participation. In particular, the course will cover the successful management of cultural differences as factor of success in risk engineering, risk management, IT and other projects. Working in an international atmosphere, essentials of multilingual business communication, elements of business ethics and Human Resources Management as applicable in collaboration with foreign firms.

The course is designed for:

  • Engineers
  • Managers of IT and other companies
  • Project managers


Registration fees for participants are:

  • €500, for any interested individual and organization (not SME)
  • Free of charge, for PROMISLingua members and for SMEs (promotional purposes)
  • Free of charge, for students enrolled in the “European Master of Risk Engineering & Management” and of University Stuttgart
Handouts and coffee breaks will be provided to the participants. More details at the web registration site, see

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Registration deadline: April 17, 2013
Course venue:

Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT)


Venue address:

Filderhauptstraße 142, 70599 Stuttgart (Plieningen),

The course takes place in conjunction with

Steinbeis Engineering Day 2013

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